Sponsor Services

Support a great free event while making qualified contacts with Italian participants! All sponsorships will be used to fund the day and make the event free for the participants.

S1.   Company logo exposure in the conference room
S2.   Company logo and web link on event website
S3.   15 minutes sponsored talk
S4.   30 minutes sponsored talk
S5.   Exhibition space with desk
S6.   Advertising material in the event bag
S7.   Personalised Gadgets (pen, notebook, neck strap)
S8.   Personalised usb stick
S9.   Sponsored lunch
S10.   Sponsored evening reception on the wonderful Belvedere of Villa Vittoria

Some solutions are listed below:

  • Silver Sponsor

    Opzione 1   S1, S2, S5

    Opzione 2   S1, S2, S3

    Opzione 3   S1, S2, S6

    € 1.500

  • Gold Sponsor

    Opzione 1   S1, S2, S3, S5

    Opzione 2   S1, S2, S4, S6

    Opzione 3   S1, S2, S4, S7

    € 3.000

  • Platinum Sponsor

    Opzione 1   S1, S2, S9

    Opzione 2   S1, S2, S10

    Opzione 3   S1,S2,S4,S5,S6

    € 4.000

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to sponsor@eclipsedayflorence.com

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