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How to install WindowBuilder

In order to install WindowBuilder on Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler) Modeling let’s click on  Help -> Install New Software… and  choose (into “Work with:” field ) the main Kepler Update Site  (http://download.eclipse.org/releases/kepler), expand the Category “General Purpose Tools” (make sure that “Group … Continue reading

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WindowBuilder: advanced databinding with CDO

Now we will see how, starting from previous tutorial, we can handle the management of the data showed into the table. Let’s get back to the Design tab and set a GridLayout, picking it up from the palette and dropping … Continue reading

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WindowBuilder: installing and EMF databinding

In the tutorial Eclipse EMF: an out-of-the-box CRUD for a database we saw how to, starting from an EMF model, we can automatically generate a database-aware application. The advantage is clear: we do not need to write code, aside from … Continue reading

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EMF Development

This section was designed with the aim to be a practical path for learning how to quickly develop Eclipse RCP application based on EMF (work is in progress …) First steps How to create an RCP application From Model to … Continue reading

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And the winner is: WindowBuilder

The news was already interesting enough less than a year ago, when we published the article  Visual Editor or WindowBuilder Pro. Since then however many other things have happened. In short: december 15th, 2010 Google Open Sourced the source code … Continue reading

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