Advanced Eclipse RCP

For those already familiar with the development of rich client applications with Eclipse RCP, these three intensive days are designed to learn more about frameworks and the use of more advanced techniques.
Particular attention will be focused on sharing best practices resulting from development in large-scale projects.

The course alternates short theoretical and practical sessions, during which participants will carry out practical examples.

Course outline:

  • Duration 2 days of classroom lessons, of which at least 50% in a workshop format
  • Audience Software Developers and Architects
  • Prerequisites Solid Java experience, experience with Eclipse SDK as a Java development environment and notions of Eclipse RCP
  • Topics
    • OSGI: All around a plugin
    • Eclipse facilities: Jobs and Adapters
    • Wizards
    • Virtual Trees and Tables
    • Extension Points
    • Product & feature branding
    • Presentation API
    • Help System
    • p2, the new provisioning
    • Headless build
    • Continuous Integration

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