As part of its even if short activity, the company can boast the participation in very important projects for national relevance clients of which we quote the main ones:

  • Consulting in partnership with IBM, for a national level banking group for the creation of an IT system for the management of “bank teller” activities, made on Enterprise Architecture and multi-system integration (SOA, 3270 terminal interaction and integration with pre-existing applications)
  • Development of the e-commerce system for a national leader client in the retail, realised with GWT (Google Web Toolkit) technology
  • Consulting and development in industrial area to build custom applications for manufacturing and PLC integration and automation of “end of line” test systems
  • Design and implementation of reservation and registration system of multi-conference event, integrated with information system based on AS-400, presentation layer with GWT and integration with external georeferenced services and banking systems for the safe management of transactions
  • Architectural consultancy and construction integrated development environment within the domain of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse, based on the formalism DFM (Dimensional Fact Model), made with technology EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) and GMF (Graphical Modeling Framework)