WEB development 2.0 with GWT

This course provides the foundation for creating RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), namely Web 2.0 applications with advanced user interface, using the GWT framework. Google Web Toolkit enables the development of Ajax-based web applications in Java that, at compile time, is converted to javascript optimized and compatible with major browsers. This allows the creation of web applications with user interfaces very rich, powerful and intuitive, an unique characteristic of desktop applications until today.
Participants will have the opportunity to apply the theoretical content in many practical exercises.

Course outline:

  • Duration 2 days of classroom lessons, of which at least 50% in a workshop format
  • Audience The course is aimed at developers with good knowledge of Java and web development
  • Prerequisites Experience with Eclipse, excellent knowledge of Java and knowledge of the fundamentals of web design
  • Topics
    • The GWT library
    • Comparison with other technologies for web development
    • Using Eclipse and GPE (Google Eclipse Plugin) for effective use of GWT
    • Overview of the graphical components (widgets)
    • Invocation of a remote service
    • Handling asynchronous calls
    • Using Google services APIs (ex. Google Maps)
    • Model View Presenter Paradigm

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