Eclipse 4 – RCP Vision announces the first course in Italy

Eclipse 4 – RCP Vision announces the first course in Italy

Vogella GmbH

RCP Vision, in partnership with Vogella, is pleased to announce the first course in Italy on Eclipse e4 ap-on.

This important event, not to be missed, will be held in Milan on November the 19th during the Eclipse Training Series – Fall 2012 Champion high definition download.

The course will be held by Lars Vogel from Vogella GmbH and Vincenzo Caselli from RCP Vision.

The e4 RCP application development course will help you understand how to implement your own application based on the e4 platform mfc http 파일 다운로드. The e4 release significantly changes the programming model for Eclipse RCP development. The course explains the existing core frameworks in Eclipse (SWT, databinding, plug-in architecture, extension point, etc…), as well as the new e4 platform concepts (dependency injection, declarative styling, service consumption, the application model, the rendering framework, etc…) EuroTruck2 1.35 Download. This course also covers application lifecycle questions, like application updates and headless builds. Participants will create a complete standalone application to familiarizing themselves with the different concepts 서든 어택 다운로드.

For more information and registrations click here.

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