´╗┐Si svolgerà sempre in Germania l’annuale appuntamento con l’Europa, che quest’anno celebra il decimo anniversario di Eclipse.

Anche quest’anno l’evento sarà caratterizzato da tre giorni di talk ad alto contenuto tecnologico sulle tecnologie che fanno parte dell’ecosistema Eclipse. Una novità dovrebbero essere le speciali sessioni che focalizzeranno su varie tematiche.

Gli argomenti dovrebbero girare intorno ai seguenti argomenti:

  • Eclipse Technology. Eclipse is a host for a lot of great open-source projects such as Mylyn, Orion, Equinox, and Xtext, and technologies such as modeling, runtime, application lifecycle management, embedded, and so on. New tools and techniques and state-of-the-nation talks would also be found here.
  • Building Industry Solutions. Eclipse has proven to be a powerful platform for building flexible and extensible applications. Many organizations are building platforms that address the needs of a specific industry, like banking, insurance, automotive, aerospace and others. This track will feature case studies that explore the technology, architecture, and policies required to build industry solutions.
  • Community and Collaboration. How do we function as a community, especially in industry collaboration? What is important about the Eclipse development process and our stewardship of Eclipse as a platform? What will the future bring for Eclipse?
  • Other. Not everything will fit easily into one of these themes. If you have a topic that you think is interesting, propose it! The program committee is always looking for great speakers and great technical content, so let us know your thoughts.

Per il programma completo dei talk dovremmo aspettare la deadline della presentazione dei talk fissata per il 17 agosto.