Architecture Consulting

RCP Vision offers its clients high technology consulting and innovation, for developing highly interactive applications. The solutions we provide, all based on Open Source technologies, and expertises we offer, meet the need to create intuitive and powerful user interfaces.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Open Source community, we are able to offer cutting-edge architectural solutions and a thorough understanding of the issues that revolve around the production of software.
By analyzing development processes and introducing high performance technologies, we can advise development systems tested on-site, highly productive and with a minimum initial impedance for developers.

Development Support

Are you looking for IT professionals skilled in Open Source, with special focus on Java, Eclipse, Android and GWT technologies?
RCP Vision provides to companies a development support service and, thanks to the experience and the skills of our team, we are able to solve all the problems related to software production, throughout the entire software lifecycle: analysisdesignmodelingdevelopmenttestdeployment and maintenance.
The high level of professionalism, a strong passion for technological innovation and the adoption of Agile development techniques, are the basic ingredients for an excellent service at low price.

Turnkey Solutions

RCP Vision provides tailor-made software to meet the most complex needs and ensure the highest standards of quality.
Thanks to Agile development techniques, the strong adoption of ModelingAutomatic Testing and Continuous Integration, we can drastically reduce the time for development without sacrificing quality. This results in a high quality/price ratio of our solutions.
Architecture and technology exploration, business processes analysis, drafting requirements, functional and technical analysis, development, test, deployment, delivery and maintenance, are the basic elements that characterize our process for the realization of Turnkey solutions .

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