EclipseConEurope.jpgThis year old Eclispe Summit Europe changes his name to EclispeCon Europe and celebrates the 10th birthday of the Eclipse project. The event will kick off a series of birthday parties around the world to celebrate the important milestone.

One of the main news of this year is that Java 7 Summit will be a co-located event at EclipseCon Europe. The Summit will feature expert speakers from Oracle and the growing OpenJDK community.


Hardware and Robotic are other big new entries of this edition. Since James Gosling moved from Google to this new world, we all are waiting for the Keynote of David Cuartielles. He is the co-foundator of Arduino project, an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.

Another retrospective keynote will be held by former IBM executive John Swainson about the 2001 release of Eclipse into the open-source community. At the time, John was the general manager of the Application Integration and Middleware Group at IBM.

Last but not least we will find Bran Selic that has pioneered the application of model-driven development methods in real-time and embedded applications. Bran will talk about model-based software engineering (MBSE). Modeling has become even more important in Eclipse thanks to EMF project.

As a celebration of EclipseÔÇÖs 10th birthday, the Jubula project team is organizing and hosting a community programming competition at EclipseCon Europe (read more).


According to our taste, we have classified all the accepted talks.


Not only a desktop based platform! Here a list of talks arounf Web development.


Grafical Modeling

Eclipse 4

Eclispe RT Projects

Building Applications

Testing Applications




Eclipse in Industry

Eclipse in the Space






Java 7