How to create an RCP application

How to create an RCP application

Select File -> New -> Other… and choose Plug-in Project, then Next 제이쿼리 파일 다운로드.

In Project name field let’s give a name to our project, e.g your smartphone ringtones.
leave other options unchanged and press Next.

At the next step let’s make sure that Would you like to create a rich client application Download the above game? flag is selected and press Next.

At next wizard step let’s select the Hello RCP Template, then Next

and give a name to our application, e.g Russian font. Library Manager

and press Finish Sir download.
At the next popup

we can select Remember my decision and press No (Java perspective is more than enough for our purposes) Great Escape 6.
The plugin editor will then show up. It is a multi-page editor, in fact it is composed by a number of Tabs gns3 라우터 이미지 다운로드.
From the first tab (Overview) we can test the launch of our application, just with a click on the Launch an Eclipse application link in the Testing section 호텔 델루나 5화 다운로드.

we should now see our application running, like this

which is an empty application, of course, ready to be filled with Menus, Views, Editors and so on Human Theater Ringtones.

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