Eclipse Modeling ProjectYou often hear about Modeling techniques in software development, but what exactly is Modeling?
Software development based on modeling techniques, or Model Driven Development, is an alternative to the traditional programming that doesn’t require writing source code to compile or run, but consists in creating the model of the software you want to build. The model is realized through visual diagramming tools and, starting from these, the traditional program language is automatically generated.

Eclipse Modeling FrameworkEclipse Modeling Framework is the Eclipse solution for this topic.
It consists in a modeling framework and code generation facility for building tools and other applications based on a structured data model. From a model specification designed with graphical tools, EMF provides tools and runtime support to produce a set of Java classes for the model, along with a set of adapter classes that enable viewing and command-based editing of the model, and a basic editor.

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Emf example

EMF model example n.1

EMF example1

EMF model example n.2