Visual Editor or WindowBuilder Pro

Visual Editor or WindowBuilder Pro

News Update
june 1st, 2011: Visual Editor Project was archived
(here the announcement and the archived project page)
You will find an update of the news on page
And the winner is: WindowBuilder

Would you like having a free visual editor for designing your UI in Eclipse RCP technology with Helios (3.6) or Galileo (3.5) Download Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?
Since yesterday, September 16th 2010, you do not have one choice, but two!
You can opt for Eclipse Visual Editor or for WindowBuilder Pro how to live with a housemate!

Visual Editor? But it had some problems when installed on Eclipse Helios (at least after the M4 version), isn’t it so Dress Up?
True! But you can use the patch posted on the site (
How it is pointed out on the site, you should start from a version of Eclipse with some Modeling plug-ins; however, if you download the Eclipse Modeling Tools version you’ll be fine rix모던고딕 m 다운로드.

How about WindowBuilder Pro? Wasn’t it a commercial product from Instantiations 다이빙벨 다운로드? Right: it was! Well, not in the sense that it no longer exists, but in the sense that since last month things are changed.
In early August in fact Instantiations was acquired by Google Succubus Play.
But yesterday’s news is this ( Google releases free the following products:

  • GWT Designer
  • CodePro AnalytiX
  • WindowBuilder Pro
  • WindowTester Pro

Here you’ll find the Update Sites for various versions of Eclipse (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios)

Note that you will find on the palette, among the others, the Nebula widgets 김과장 전편 다운로드!
Also you can use the wizard for Databinding between widgets and model attributes.
Do you use EMF for modeling? Do not worry: EMF databinding is also supported, in addition to the JFace databinding 주키퍼 다운로드!
What would you ever ask? Reverse engineering of your UI designed with Visual Editor? Uh, you’re demanding huh! No worries: that works, too 사임사임 다운로드!

Well, I mean, these are just the valuable things at first sight, but there is much more for developing an application as a whole (menus, popups, etc Your name ised. ..).

What are you saying? You are also working on web programming? Then you know for sure the unparalleled power of GWT!
Well now you can design your Web UI with GWTDesigner as you would do for a desktop application.

Now really there aren’t excuses to block you from quickly develop graphical user interfaces in Java!

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