Web Development tool for Angular with Eclipse

Are you looking for a free, light and open source Eclipse plug-in that allows you, as a Web Developer, to be extremely productive working with Angular (or with any other framework based on HTML, Javascript or Typescript)? Then you might be interested in installing Wild Web Developer. In order to install Wild Web Developer on Eclipse just click on Help -> Eclipse Marketplace..., type "wild web" into "Find:" field and press Enter. Then press the Install button and follow the wizard until it asks to restart Eclipse.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Eclipse EMF: an out-of-the-box CRUD for a database

This tutorial assumes that you have followed these other tutorials in the specified order: Eclipse EMF: Designing the Model Eclipse EMF: a CRUD at no-cost the goal here is to show how, with just some extra lines of code added to the EMF generated plugins, we can have our model persisted and maintained on a database. We will use MySQL as the target database, so make sure you have the access to such a database server (you can always download it at http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql). We'll use the "test" schema (pre-loaded empty while installing MySQL); anyway you can use another schema simply [...]

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Eclipse EMF: a CRUD at no-cost

This tutorial follows the one dedicated to modeling with EMF ( Eclipse EMF: Designing the Model ) In this article we will see how, through EMF automatic code generation tools, it's possible to generate a CRUD, an application that is able to perform typical operations for manipulating the contents of the model: Create (= insert), Read (= Select), Update and Delete. This management requires some form of persistence, however a "channel" storage of these information. In fact, in most cases it should be possible, for example: reload the data stored during a previous run or share data with other instances [...]

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