Build your EMF Parsley application

Introduction In a previous article we have seen how to create from scratch a web application example with EMF Parsley. Now we'll go a step further and in particular we will see how to: make some little tweaks to make it easier the development customize the application Internal or External browser? In order to test the application you can use both the internal browser (the one that opens inside Eclipse IDE by default when you launch the application) or any other browser (external) you wish, as far as you point to the same URL. Using RAP you may see often [...]

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EMF Parsley: a web application in a few steps

Introduction With EMF Parsley you can quickly build and easily maintain a web application. Let's see how. Indeed Parsley allows you to build both desktop and web applications from the same code (single-sourcing), leveraging on Eclipse RCP platform and using RAP for the web, but for the purpose of this article we will focus only on the web side. Setting up the environment First of all ensure you have a recent Eclipse IDE installed and running on a brand new workspace. If you downloaded the Eclipse Modeling Package then you already have EMF Parsley installed, otherwise you can install it [...]

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How to install WindowBuilder

In order to install WindowBuilder on Eclipse let's click on Help -> Eclipse Marketplace..., type "windowbuilder" into "Find:" field and press Enter. Then press the Install button and follow the wizard until it asks to restart Eclipse.

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Eclipse Day Florence – Registrations are open !

Eclipse Day Florence 2014 Palazzo dei Congressi Florence - May 23rd Are you an enthusiast of Open Source technologies and innovation? Then you can not miss the Eclipse Day Florence 2014! Register NOW   Sessions   Below are the sessions scheduled to date: Benjamin Cab├®(IoT evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation)The Renaissance of connected machines Simone Cicero (Freelance)Open Gets Real Christian G├Âtz(Project Manager & co-founder of Dc-square)MQTT with Eclipse Paho: A protocol for IoT and M2M communication Matteo Collina(Project Lead of Ponte)Making your Washing Machine Talk with a Power Plant M├®lanie Bats(Software Developer at Obeo)Turning Eclipse into an Arduino programming platform [...]

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Eclipse Day Florence – May 23rd 2014

After the success of the previous editions, RCP Vision announces the third edition of the Eclipse Day Florence, the event dedicated to the Open Source with special focus on Eclipse technologies. Also this edition will be dedicated to anyone who wants to share with the community their success in the adoption of Eclipse and Open Source technologies. Many interesting topics will be covered: Machine to Machine, Internet of Things, Embedded, Model Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration e Mobile. For further details on the event, visit the official website at

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Internet of Things @ Eclipse

Eclipse Foundation encourages the grow of Eclipse Working Groups, that are formed to facilitate collaboration between companies and organizations, to focus, promote and augment Eclipse technologies on a certain topic. In this article we'll speach about Eclipse M2M Working Group, that is a collaboration of companies and organizations focused on developing open source protocols, frameworks, and tools for M2M software development. The goal of the Eclipse M2M Working Group is to make it easy for software developers to create M2M applications that are based on open standards and open source technology. Here a list of the projects from this group, [...]

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Web development with Eclipse RAP

Introduction We've already wrote in the past about RAP framework (see article Single sourcing with Eclipse RAP). In the meantime however this framework has made big progress (the above article was referring to version 1.4, while now it is out with version 2.1) and many things changed. Also the name, RAP, does not mean Rich Ajax Platform anymore, but now stands for Remote Application Platform. In practice it is now a platform to develop modular applications for desktop, browser and mobile. In this article we will see how to prepare the needed environment for the creation of our first web [...]

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