How to plot a graph with Nebula XYGraph

Nebula is an Eclipse Project that allows you to use hundreds of cool widgets to make your application really awesome 신의퀴즈 시즌2 다운로드.

XYGraph is one of them and you can use it to plot a graph with plenty of options 백야행 다운로드. Let’s see how to do that.

In Eclipse menu select Help, Install New Software…, put the following Update Site in the Work with field


then expand Nebula Release Individual Widgets node
and select Nebula Visualization Widgets, finish the installation and let Eclipse restart 테이큰1 다운로드.

Now you can create a new application with File, New, Project, Plug-in Development, Plug-in Project, Next.

Give the project a name, e.g. it.rcpvision.nebula.xygraph, Next, select

  • Generate an activator, …
  • This plug-in will make contributions to the UI
  • Would you like to create a rich client application: Yes

Next, then select Eclipse 4 RCP application template, Next, select Create sample content …, Finish
(confirm opening Plug-in Development perspective is just a matter of taste, let’s say yes) 된장 2010 다운로드.


Now navigate and open /it.rcpvision.nebula.xygraph/src/it/rcpvision/nebula/xygraph/parts/

remove the following parts

Press Ctrl-Shift-O to remove unused imports, Save and you’ll get an empty Part 다이빙벨 해외 다운로드.

You can test it by selecting it.rcpvision.nebula.xygraph.product, right click, Run As, Eclipse Application: your empty application will pop-up teaching feeling 1.20. Now close it.


Ok, time to add the right dependencies: open (double-click) MANIFEST.MF, Dependencies tab, Add

  • org.eclipse.draw2d
  • org.eclipse.nebula.visualization.xygraph

in the Required Plug-ins, Save apps.

Then open it.rcpvision.nebula.xygraph.product, Contents tab, Add the same two plug-ins, Save

Then go again in and, after line

in createComposite() method, add the following lines

In the end we are ready to relaunch our application (right-click it.rcpvision.nebula.xygraph.productRun As, Eclipse Application) and see (and play with) our new graph Download Amorphous Iron Cooperation.


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  1. Günther Mahr Saturday May 2nd, 2020 at 10:35 AM - Reply

    Great post, thanks! I was not aware that there was a newer version of XYGraph, still was using the one from 2016.

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