Eclipse Con Europe 2012

Eclipse Con Europe 2012

Eclipse Con Europe 2012

This year the main european event around Eclipse, the Eclipse Con Europe 2012, will co-locate the OSGi Community Event 2012 Download Angry Lawyers.

The location is the traditional Schlosspark Forum in Ludwigsburg (Germany) where the events will take place form 23th to 25th of october 랩 mp3 다운로드.

Last year, Eclipse’s 10th anniversary celebration, there was largest attendance ever (536) sorry 다운로드. This year, the OSGi co-located event and the new Eclipse 4 (Juno) platform release, the expectations are even bigger 아이패드 카톡 다운로드.

The keynotes will be the following:

The first day morning will hold the tutorials (7 in all), 3.5-hour sessions following spep-by-step the main Eclipse experts San Andres download. Then there will be several sessions, some 55-minute long while others of 25 minutes 윈도우 8.1 언어팩 다운로드. There will be also many Sponsored Workshops (90 minutes) 플레이스테이션 스토어 다운로드.

Find other details here

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